Ever notice how so many people are experts when it comes to telling you everything you need to know and do to be successful? At times, it feels as if they alone hold the key to making you a success, because a particular action/inaction worked for them (even though your situation is vastly different and said action is completely out of line with your vision of success) or they saw it work for someone in a totally different situation who held a different vision of success.

For me personally, I believe it’s crucial to stay true yourself and your vision at all times. Are you confidently working to build a multi million dollar company, or is your vision smaller like mine, more along the lines of building a very small Mom and Pop vision of life? Depending on which vision you hold, ultimately that vision will dictate what you should and should not do moving forward.

Now that’s not to say your vision can’t evolve over time, I’ve received and taken lots of great advice, and I’m always open to consider new ideas. You just need to be careful your not jumping on every bandwagon that passes you by that may not fit the life you are trying to create. Make sure what you choose to do and not do is in line with you and your situation. Oh, and try to take criticism with a grain of salt! It’s impossible to please everyone and some people are incapable of understanding anything that’s outside of their perspective!

Recently it was implied that my website didn’t look professional enough because I curse in my blog and I don’t post high quality photos, etc., etc. Well, I enjoy keeping it real, so my cursing probably is not going to stop. I am who I am and I’m confident that most preschool teachers curse outside of the classroom, but I like them, know how to speak in front of little people, and if they are old enough to be reading my blog online, I’m also confident they have read/heard far worse by this point.

As far as the high quality photos, snapshots are where it’s at for me right now, although I do hope they improve with time. I wish I could hire an award winning photographer to follow me around everywhere, but that doesn’t align with the finances available within my Mom and Pop vision of life that I currently hold. Besides, in all honesty, the snapshots fall completely in line with my business philosophy of experiencing life and creating memories. It’s not about the photo quality. It’s about the memories created from an adventure!

It’s about you choosing to conduct business with someone you’ve gotten to know and trust through simplicity, even if it’s a purchase through their Amazon affiliate link, because hey, you you were going to order from Amazon anyways and it’s not costing you anything extra when ordering through these links.





It’s the feeling of satisfaction from saving $50 off our Guided UTV Tour through the mountains of Berlin and Gorham, New Hampshire, or the anticipation and joy from a long awaited vacation to one of our offered resort destinations, and it’s about serene thoughts evoked from, yes, snapshots of a calm local paddle on Head Pond yesterday that was filled with both butterflies and dragonflies.

It’s about seeing what looked like a stump in a tree from afar, but when you take a closer look, you realize (and GASP, “HOLY FUCK!” to yourself because…) it’s a Bald Eagle that sat perched for the longest time while you quietly floated and watched it through your binoculars, which you know was way better to experience than any picture could ever reflect .

In my “opinion” that’s everything you need to know and do to be successful in life, but that’s my vision, what is yours?

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Ride the Wilds in Berlin, New Hampshire and save $50 when you schedule a guided tour Monday – Thursday using our special coupon code! But first, this clown would like to tell you a little about today and the inspiration behind the $50 coupon code….

Truth be told, between all the rainy weather and some personal issues, I’ve had some shitty days! Most of us go through some sort of BS at some point or another, but this afternoon offered the best medicine for my pathetic disposition, hours of trail riding alone for the first time this year!

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE taking people out into our local trail system. Ride the Wilds offers up over 1000 of miles of interconnected trails in northern New Hampshire with some of the most beautiful mountain views! And I absolutely love showing people around God’s country!

What I meant about “alone” was that usually during midweek, there is hardly anyone out on the trails and it’s so freakin cool to be out there feeling like you almost have the place all to yourself! In fact, I only saw 3 other machines during my time out on the trails today!

It was a little chilly and cloudy (why I always dress in layers to be comfortable) but the recent rain made some sweet mud puddles to splash around in and it was just the best feeling to be out there today to take  in all the spectacular views I was surrounded by at every turn!

The Lake at Jericho Mountain State Park, was looking pretty ripe for a nice paddle in my near future!

But the best news came with my ability to make it over to Head Pond, where my favorite paddle area is found! I was recently on a social media page where many locals were telling me that this year there was no more public access to paddle there due to a recent private sale of the road. However, when I was only several feet from the pond today, who do I run into? The new owner Bob Chapman Sr.! We had a nice long chat (he’s such a great guy trying to make good things happen in our area) and long story, short, the gate on the Head Pond road will be opened soon for regular vehicle access to kayaking and fishing there as I wrote about in the previous post link above! Although I’ve taken 2 kayaks there in the Can Am via the trail system before, it’s much easier to bring them in with the pick up, so a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Bob for this, and for supporting our Ride the Wilds trail system! If you haven’t thanked a land owner, PLEASE DO, because without their support, we lose our privileges!

Before leaving the Head Pond area I picked up some trash, and thought to myself yet again, why do some humans have to be such assholes!?? THIS is the shit that can ruin our Trail system, and I for one am watching for you and encourage others to do the same. If you see something wrong, speak up and report it. I know I will be. We all need to be better ambassadors for our sport! PLEASE Ride with respect!

Having said this, I choose not to end on a trashy note here, so this brings me back to my coupon inspiration. As stated earlier, after having a few shitty days, today was awesome (minus the trash, but I digress again) so I thought I’d share a little love/incentive for you to enjoy a midweek UTV Tour like I did today! For the rest of the season when you email me to schedule a UTV Tour Monday through Thursday, you can take $50 off the cost by entering the code 50midweek2019 in the comment section of your initial email! It’s that simple! All the UTV Tour details are located on that page link, but feel free to contact me with questions at anytime! I look forward to helping in any way I can!

While I’m waiting to hear from you, I’ll be busy riding, paddling, and planning our next visit to Las Vegas (hopefully in September to celebrate our fifth anniversary) and then I’ll be planning our trip to Mexico for next May to celebrate Michael’s 50th birthday! There are so many Future Adventures to plan! Life is good when you dispose of the trash and then focus on the good! Until we meet here again…

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Today as I held the snapshot that is still displayed in my living room, I was reminded about my memories from the Old Man of the Mountain. That famous profile that towered over the mountain edge of Franconia Notch in New Hampshire. That famous and distinct landmark that marked the White Mountains for centuries, until May 3, 2003. 

I was reminded how in an instant, you can miss an opportunity that will never present itself again. I was reminded that when you keep putting things off, those things don’t always wait for better timing like when the kids are older, or when I retire. Life happens and we don’t truly know what the future holds. Although this can apply to many scenarios, today I’m speaking specifically about the Old Man of the Mountain that was located in Franconia Notch, New Hampshire.

I was one of the lucky ones. I grew up exploring much of New England with my family and can remember my mom and grandmother pointing out the Old Man during our passes through the notch. It was always an exciting main attraction we eagerly looked forward to while we approached this area, a famous landmark that boldly expressed to us that we had finally arrived in the White Mountains of New Hampshire! My kids weren’t so lucky. They never got to see his face. I had always wanted to take them (we lived in Rhode Island at the time) but anyone raising a few young kids knows how busy life can get and how we can keep putting things off, because of that busyness/the lack of funds. I can remember being in our living room with the news on and hearing about the Old Man’s fall, and my heart sorta fell at the same moment, because now my kids would never get to see him. I was really saddened and deeply sorry that I had waited too long to take them.

Life is often like this when you keep putting things off. And the funny (OK, not funny) thing is that a few years later when I finally did take my kids up there, our family busyness and finances hadn’t changed all that much. The only thing that really changed is that I finally committed to make this vacation adventure happen. I stopped waiting and just made it happen. Only problem was we made this adventure happen without seeing the Old Man and my heart secretly ached because we had waited so long and now my kids missed seeing him. Life is short, time passes quickly, and when you wait too long, some things don’t wait for you. On days like today, life continues to remind me of this. RIP Old Man, I will always remember you. Thank you for all the great memories, and the lessons about not putting things off!

There are so many things to see and do in this world, don’t wait until it’s too late for you to experience your adventure! Plan your next adventure and just make it happen! We can help! Visit our Future Adventures page and email us anytime with any questions, until we meet here again…

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A day in the life of a trucker. Not all days are the same. It’s often a stressful and lonely job being a car hauler, maybe you’ve seen those 18 wheels out on the highways stacked with new cars and trucks heading to dealerships. Please give these ladies and gents a break when you can and try to remember we can’t maneuver the roads the way your smaller vehicle does. Especially after spending hours in the cold rain (or snow) loading each vehicle onto the carrier and we’re trying to finish a 10-14 hour day back at the hotel (or sleep in a rest area) we don’t appreciate people who cut in front of our open space and then hit their breaks, just because they don’t want to be behind us! We need that space for safety reasons and when this happens, it’s potentially ****ing dangerous! It’s dangerous to you, us, and the other people around us! So, please do everyone a favor and miss your exit, or whatever, because it’s not the worth the risk of us potentially driving right through you!

Having expressed this rant of frustration about life out on the roads (1 reason why I prefer riding in the woods) yesterday was a good day. We totally stopped to smell the roses on our required 30 minute break. OK, it was a bit longer than 30 minutes, but enjoying the journey of life is key to any profession (or happiness in life, period) and we don’t do this every time. One very good reason we don’t often get to do something like this is because it’s not easy to find parking for these rigs, but after driving by the The Brick Store in Bath, New Hampshire for years, yesterday we decided to stop and check it out and so glad we did! Being the oldest continually operating general store in America, you can just feel this place oozing history, from the old bricks, to the quickly fading painted advertisements on the sides and back of this building.

If you’re in the area, please do stop and check out this awesome piece of history.

Take a moment to step back into time…

They have so many cool things to see and purchase, a sandwich deli serving Boar’s Head meat, cheese, homemade donuts and fudge you can sample. It’s a great place to stop for a picnic lunch outback by the covered bridge and waterfall!

Every new day offers an opportunity to explore and enjoy your journey with a new adventure. If you need some ideas, please check out our website, livefreeorride.com.Our signature offering is guided UTV Tours through the mountains of Berlin New Hampshire, in addition you’ll find information about locally recommended hikes and paddles, and also vacations to Las Vegas, Mexico and so much more. We offer options for almost everyone! If you enjoyed reading this, be sure to check out the other blog posts there and enter to win our completely transferable UTV Tour. Above everything else, no matter where you are or what you’re doing, remember to stop and smell the rose’s as many times as you can! That’s what makes life worth living and that’s what I’m here to remind you about, until we meet here again…

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Ahhhhh, spring in New Hampshire! Too bad for some that the North Country of New Hampshire has a completely different idea about how we begin the spring season up here! So for many springtime OHRV (Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle) riding enthusiasts the question begs to be asked, “What do you do while waiting for opening weekend beginning on May 25, 2019?”


Let’s face it, your favorite season is never long enough and this is especially true for many OHRV  enthusiasts as we are often beyond eager for opening weekend so we can hit the trails once again! Do you even know about the UTV (a type of OHRV) Tour giveaway contest ?  Well you can’t win if you don’t enter, and it is fully transferable to friends/family if you already have your own ride. If you’re not super nearby this area to take a day trip tour, this area is a great destination for a week or weekend vacation. There is so much fun to be had up here when you look more into our Local Attractions.

But getting back to the original question, many people wonder what we do during the long harsh winters up here. Well, if you’re anything like me, you enjoy them! For starters, we have a very long and awesome ski season up here with quick access to some of the best mountains in the northeast…


Bretton Woods

all boasting spectacular views (ESPECIALLYWildcat!) and all within a pretty short drive from my home! Early spring in New Hampshire doesn’t suck up here, for sure! And as I write this on the first evening of spring, we are about to get hit with another up to 12 wonderful inches of snow! So, yeah, I can’t wait for my Monday morning ski adventure! And with snowshoeing on my list of activities, I’ve enjoyed Mount Jasper and Lost Pond Trail most recently, but there are other amazing snowshoeing places nearby also.


And at the ripe old age of, never mind, I learned to cross country ski for the first time this year on theNansen Ski Club trails inMilan Hill State park! I currently still prefer downhill better, I think because I’m better at it, but I’m going to a swap meet this coming October to pick up some used equipment to get more practice in next year. It’s way more affordable than downhill, great exercise and something different. It’s also cool because you can go out on their groomed trails at night by using head lamps. Of course you can do the same with snowshoes. It’s something really special to be out in the snow covered forest during a starry night!


Others around here are snowmobile enthusiasts! The trails up here are most certainly abundant! Personally I have not been on a snowmobile since I was about 5, but I do remember LOVING it! There are plenty of places nearby to rent them, but for me, skiing is what largely consumes my time spent out in the snow.


Aside from this, I read (always try to keep learning) I contemplate life (sometimes this part isn’t enjoyable) and I write. Oh and I research travel adventures, plan them, and then I fully experience them! This part is a total blast! Our most recent adventure you can read more about was to Las Vegas ! What an amazing trip that was to check off the bucket list!


Next, we are planning a trip to Florida and a trip to Mexico ! I’ll keep you posted on those!


And as we get closer to the end of this ski season, I am LOVING the longer days and looking forward to the  warmer weather of late spring in New Hampshire. I enjoy the gardening, riding and water sports season just as much as I enjoy playing in the snow. There is a special beauty for me in all New England seasons! I always look to find the beauty wherever I may go, because that’s where life’s magic is often trying to hide! So let us all keep our eyes open for it, until we meet here again! 

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Yes, I was singing this frequently throughout the trip!

(Alternate title here is, Las Vegas for beginners)

(or maybe, Las Vegas 101)

Don’t let the city name “Las Vegas” fool you! There is fun and excitement to be found here for most all ages! Maybe you’ve heard the old saying, What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!” Well, it’s a lie! Your whole family can enjoy making memories in this beautiful area that will surely last a lifetime! Now let’s start this story from the beginning…

Well, I still hate flying! But soaking up Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and Red Rock canyon was well worth the torturous flight! Got a few minutes? Let me tell you a little about the what, where, when, how, and why….

First, the flight, it sucked! Did I already mention that? Yes, OK, well it bears mentioning again. Giving you a little history behind this, I’ve never flown on a commercial flight. Although I’ve been on many adventures, I’ve always driven there, took a bus, or taken a train, so this was a pretty big deal for me. Now it’s just a necessary evil for when my husband and I go back. YES! We will definitely go back, because it is such a great destination with so much to see and so many fun things to do! The one thing I know I’ll say on my deathbed some day is, “I wish I never let my fears of flying keep me from traveling earlier in life!”

However next time, should we fly again with Spirit (a more affordable airline where everything is paid a la cart) I will upgrade to larger seats, because, WOW, was it uncomfortably tight for our five and a half hour trip! And genius me, paid extra to go nonstop. Boy was that was a mistake for us! With the flight being over 5 hours, believe me, it would’ve been nice to get off and stretch before boarding a second plane! So don’t let any fear of switching planes in a timely fashion stop you (yeah, I’m speaking from experience, if you’re a first time flier too) it was all easy peasy to navigate through the well marked airport signs, for baggage pick ups and all. I’m a pro now, and you will be too!

Having said this, if your flight leaves late at night (the lights at night are really cool to watch) and if you upgrade to larger seats and can sleep with one of those traveling neck pillows, go for it without any stop, because in the end you will spend less time engaging in the flight process, which will ultimately leave more time for you to explore Vegas! 

One last tip for new flyers is for when you are selecting your airline, learn from their website what the carry on luggage rules are. Spirit offered a really good size for free. Depending on the time of year and how long you stay, you might not have to pay for checked luggage if it can all fit in your carry on. That my friend is purely a helpful tip for you to possibly save some money. This won’t work for me, because I don’t understand the first thing about how to pack lightly! I’m use to packing up a Grand Caravan like a can of sardines when traveling in the past. I mean like, how do you even know what you’ll feel like wearing on a particular day? I need options. But kudos to you, if you’re able to pack lightly!

And now, on to Vegas! I don’t even know where to begin, because we left Boston on a Monday and then flew home the following Monday. And we did so much, just about every morning, noon and night! My approach to a new adventure begins with LOTS of online research, followed by trying to do everything cool that I discover! This is NOT for everyone, but I do encourage some forethought with at least some planning in order to make the most of your time there the way you want to spend it. For time sake, I’ll try and stick to our highlights.

My main focus was visiting the Grand Canyon. Before traveling to Las Vegas, I didn’t even care all that much about Vegas. My husband and I aren’t really into gambling and this was my main vision before digging in online, but back to the Grand Canyon. From research, we chose to rent a car over a bus trip, but that’s not necessarily the best choice for you. You’ll have to weigh that for yourself. As luck would have it, we snagged some deals from agreeing to sit through a timeshare presentation (which we didn’t buy, but it did cost us about 3 hours of time) and ended up with a 3 day car rental for $50. All in all, it was a good deal for us, but I can promise you that if you don’t say, “NO” to the presentation, by the time they are done with you, you will want to buy!

Through my research I found the WEST RIM  of the Grand Canyon our best option. We left super early one morning, completely soaked up just about everything they had to offer within reason, then returned super late. The other 2 days, we visited the “Old” Vegas on Freemont Street from a tip we received from a regular visitor that we got talking with one morning in Denny’s. Then the 3rd day we drove out to RED ROCK CANYON.

And back to Freemont Street, or “Old” Las Vegas, what a cool place! Spectacles at every turn of the head. We didn’t ride SLOTZILLA, but we should have. Check out that link, it pretty dam cool! The entire Freemont Street and Las Vegas Blvd. experience is one big festive celebration of life! And if I had to describe it further, it’s like some sort of fusion where Epcot in FL meets Time Square, NY! Such a cool place!


Now let’s talk shows. There are so many good ones! I’ve seen BLUE MAN GROUP in Boston, NY City, and now in Las Vegas. If you haven’t seen it, you MUST! It’s by far one of the coolest shows to see!

Another must is at least one CIRQUE DU SOLEIL show. We saw Beatles Love because I’m a huge Beatles fan, however I can’t wait to see others! They all sound amazing! We also saw the show OPIUM (which was hilarious, but DON’T take the children to this one!) and MENOPAUSE The Musical. My husband enjoyed all these shows too, but his favorite was Blue Man Group, by far.

At this point, I’ve topped off all the major highlights of the trip and hope I’ve left you with some helpful information. If I have and you’re planning your visit to Las Vegas, please book your accommodations through us. Our FUTURE ADVENTURES page is where you begin, then select the Las Vegas package. I genuinely look forward to assisting you with experiencing life and creating memories that last a lifetime anyway that I can!

Once your travel dates are confirmed with Live Free or Ride, please purchase all your show and event tickets through the Vegas. com icon link below.


Full Disclosure: When you click through the Vegas.com link above and make a purchase, Live Free or Ride earns a small commission, but at NO extra cost to you. We all have to earn our keep somehow. Thank you for choosing to do business with us!




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The little voice in my head answers, “Who the **** cares!”

Yes, that really is my little voice, because that voice LOVES to curse! Not to worry though, even after raising a few children (all grown now) and discovering they spoke far worse among their friends (if you don’t think so, you haven’t listened hard enough) I have a filter I use when in the company of youngsters/in a professional setting.

So back to the original question, “Who am I?” Now that little voice says, “I don’t *-*-*-*-*-*-* know!” And this is partially true because every day I wake up, I am still figuring much of that out. But for the sake of me entering the more “public” blogging world (It’s my understanding that readers in this arena are interested in this, so just in case you do care) I will attempt to give you (my readers) some pertinent information that hopefully enlightens you in this area and hopefully also entertains you at the same time.

There are so many aspects to most people. It’s hard to explain them all, so I thought making a list would be most helpful. But to keep it different (I often enjoy being different) I thought I’d first give you a list of what I’m not and what I don’t enjoy. So here it goes…

  • I’m not completely comfortable talking about myself, can you tell?
  • I’m not stupid, although on occasion it may appear so and I can tend to struggle with stupidity in others at times.
  • I’m not super awesome with the virtue of patience, although I’m working really hard at this so the universe will hopefully stop sending me those lessons!
  • I don’t enjoy making mistakes and will go above and beyond to avoid making them, however we all know about the road to hell that was paved with good intentions. Mistakes happen, I can admit to them and usually learn from them moving forward. Keyword in that sentence is usually.
  • I’m definitely not young anymore, but many would argue that I’m certainly not old yet!
  • I’m not in the best physical shape that I should be in, due to a combination of my love of eating too much good (and not necessarily good for you) food on top of tapering off on physical activity. I reeeally need to work on this!

OK, speaking of stupidity, this negativity list idea was a stupid one! Now I think I’m depressed! But stick with me and let’s move on to something more positive, the good things and what I enjoy!

  • To you, I am Live Free or Ride’s webmaster, main contact, main driver, and the one who is blogging here for you right now! 
  • I work very hard to avoid problems by keeping things as simple as possible, yet with a straight forward depth to be understood.
  • I enjoy writing and silent white noise or music much more than I enjoy talking.
  • I am a very expressive and passionate person (not always a good thing, but again I need to stop  with the negativity…) and have a great ability with usually seeing more than one side to something! 
  • I LOVE pictures! I love both taking them and looking at them. They ignite memories and are truly often better than words.
  • I LOVE new adventures of exploring new places, but I also LOVE the simple pleasures of relaxing with a good movie/reading. I work enjoyably at trying to balance these two extremes.
  • And almost as much as the previous bullet, I LOVE sharing these adventures (what I’ve experienced and learned) with others!

On that note, that’s the why and how Live Free or Ride was born! I believe most people don’t spend enough time exploring, or enjoying the experience of life. And although that’s not something positive, my positive spin is that I’m here to strongly encourage people to bring more of this into their lives through the sharing of experiences, different ideas and affordable options.

I could probably go on and on…but I’ll hold off for now and wait for future posts. I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know me a little and will continue to read my posts to get to know me more. Please like and follow Live Free or Ride on Facebook and Instagram, so you don’t miss future posts! Until we meet here again…


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