Shortly past the AMC Pinkham Notch Visitor (361 NH-16, Gorham, NH) heading towards Jackson is one of the area’s most beautiful waterfall hikes that….showcases a breathtaking 64 foot drop of pounding water deep into the crystal clear Ellis river.

This is such an awesome area to spend the afternoon exploring! You will find parking for this hike on the opposite side of the river (same side as the AMC Pinkham Notch Visitor Center) with a trail head that  begins with a tunnel that travels underneath route 16 and over towards the river.

The hike itself is just under a half mile (.3) and good for most abilities, but do plan to spend some time there to take in the mesmerizing views at each stop along the path which also fills you in on some geological history of the area.

Dogs and children are welcome, but as always, please leave no trace by cleaning up after them. During the hot months, water shoes are recommended if you plan on getting your feet wet. If there is snow and icy conditions, snowshoes/ice cleats are strongly advised.


You definitely don’t want to miss this place when it’s frozen! It’s so cool looking when everything is all iced over! Pictures don’t do this place justice, but your visit will leave memories in your heart forever!

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