One of the nicest, secluded paddles in the area which is a little off the beaten path and only accessible from rt. 110 at the end of May through mid October, but worth the extra mile if you like a quiet and calm…paddle surrounded by a plethora of wildlife. Taking the directions from Gorham to Jericho Mountain State Park (and you can rent your boats there if you don’t have them) you will take a right on to Head Pond Road just before the park entrance which would be on your left. Simply put, if you pass the park entrance, turn around, because you also missed Head Pond Road! Fair warning, the road can be bumpy. You will want to put in your boat(s) where the red X is on the map. It’s a small opening that’s a bit mucky, so mud boots are helpful. Once you get through that, you’re golden! Just paddle up left to the red arrow.

It’s narrow and calm area, that at the right time of year is filled with beautiful water lilies and dragonflies! It’s such a great spot to paddle brimming with wildlife and diverse vegetation!

Don’t forget to pick up your “take out” paddle picnic from one of the many local businesses that are on the way there, but as always LEAVE NO TRACE! AKA, take your garbage home with you!

UPDATE: There’s been some controversy over whether the public is still welcome to access the pond for fishing and boating on Head Pond via the road. Per my conversation with one of the owners (May 2019) it is still available to the public at this time. Hopefully if all of us move forward with respect for the area, we will all continue to have access to this beautiful area. Please note that at this time, the only signage for Head Pond road visible from route 110, is a sign that reads, Authorized Vehicles ONLY and St. Laurent.

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