Ever notice how so many people are experts when it comes to telling you everything you need to know and do to be successful? At times, it feels as if they alone hold the key to making you a success, because a particular action/inaction worked for them (even though your situation is vastly different and said action is completely out of line with your vision of success) or they saw it work for someone in a totally different situation who held a different vision of success.

For me personally, I believe it’s crucial to stay true yourself and your vision at all times. Are you confidently working to build a multi million dollar company, or is your vision smaller like mine, more along the lines of building a very small Mom and Pop vision of life? Depending on which vision you hold, ultimately that vision will dictate what you should and should not do moving forward.

Now that’s not to say your vision can’t evolve over time, I’ve received and taken lots of great advice, and I’m always open to consider new ideas. You just need to be careful your not jumping on every bandwagon that passes you by that may not fit the life you are trying to create. Make sure what you choose to do and not do is in line with you and your situation. Oh, and try to take criticism with a grain of salt! It’s impossible to please everyone and some people are incapable of understanding anything that’s outside of their perspective!

Recently it was implied that my website didn’t look professional enough because I curse in my blog and I don’t post high quality photos, etc., etc. Well, I enjoy keeping it real, so my cursing probably is not going to stop. I am who I am and I’m confident that most preschool teachers curse outside of the classroom, but I like them, know how to speak in front of little people, and if they are old enough to be reading my blog online, I’m also confident they have read/heard far worse by this point.

As far as the high quality photos, snapshots are where it’s at for me right now, although I do hope they improve with time. I wish I could hire an award winning photographer to follow me around everywhere, but that doesn’t align with the finances available within my Mom and Pop vision of life that I currently hold. Besides, in all honesty, the snapshots fall completely in line with my business philosophy of experiencing life and creating memories. It’s not about the photo quality. It’s about the memories created from an adventure!

It’s about you choosing to conduct business with someone you’ve gotten to know and trust through simplicity, even if it’s a purchase through their Amazon affiliate link, because hey, you you were going to order from Amazon anyways and it’s not costing you anything extra when ordering through these links.





It’s the feeling of satisfaction from saving $50 off our Guided UTV Tour through the mountains of Berlin and Gorham, New Hampshire, or the anticipation and joy from a long awaited vacation to one of our offered resort destinations, and it’s about serene thoughts evoked from, yes, snapshots of a calm local paddle on Head Pond yesterday that was filled with both butterflies and dragonflies.

It’s about seeing what looked like a stump in a tree from afar, but when you take a closer look, you realize (and GASP, “HOLY FUCK!” to yourself because…) it’s a Bald Eagle that sat perched for the longest time while you quietly floated and watched it through your binoculars, which you know was way better to experience than any picture could ever reflect .

In my “opinion” that’s everything you need to know and do to be successful in life, but that’s my vision, what is yours?

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