Today as I held the snapshot that is still displayed in my living room, I was reminded about my memories from the Old Man of the Mountain. That famous profile that towered over the mountain edge of Franconia Notch in New Hampshire. That famous and distinct landmark that marked the White Mountains for centuries, until May 3, 2003. 

I was reminded how in an instant, you can miss an opportunity that will never present itself again. I was reminded that when you keep putting things off, those things don’t always wait for better timing like when the kids are older, or when I retire. Life happens and we don’t truly know what the future holds. Although this can apply to many scenarios, today I’m speaking specifically about the Old Man of the Mountain that was located in Franconia Notch, New Hampshire.

I was one of the lucky ones. I grew up exploring much of New England with my family and can remember my mom and grandmother pointing out the Old Man during our passes through the notch. It was always an exciting main attraction we eagerly looked forward to while we approached this area, a famous landmark that boldly expressed to us that we had finally arrived in the White Mountains of New Hampshire! My kids weren’t so lucky. They never got to see his face. I had always wanted to take them (we lived in Rhode Island at the time) but anyone raising a few young kids knows how busy life can get and how we can keep putting things off, because of that busyness/the lack of funds. I can remember being in our living room with the news on and hearing about the Old Man’s fall, and my heart sorta fell at the same moment, because now my kids would never get to see him. I was really saddened and deeply sorry that I had waited too long to take them.

Life is often like this when you keep putting things off. And the funny (OK, not funny) thing is that a few years later when I finally did take my kids up there, our family busyness and finances hadn’t changed all that much. The only thing that really changed is that I finally committed to make this vacation adventure happen. I stopped waiting and just made it happen. Only problem was we made this adventure happen without seeing the Old Man and my heart secretly ached because we had waited so long and now my kids missed seeing him. Life is short, time passes quickly, and when you wait too long, some things don’t wait for you. On days like today, life continues to remind me of this. RIP Old Man, I will always remember you. Thank you for all the great memories, and the lessons about not putting things off!

There are so many things to see and do in this world, don’t wait until it’s too late for you to experience your adventure! Plan your next adventure and just make it happen! We can help! Visit our Future Adventures page and email us anytime with any questions, until we meet here again…

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