A day in the life of a trucker. Not all days are the same. It’s often a stressful and lonely job being a car hauler, maybe you’ve seen those 18 wheels out on the highways stacked with new cars and trucks heading to dealerships. Please give these ladies and gents a break when you can and try to remember we can’t maneuver the roads the way your smaller vehicle does. Especially after spending hours in the cold rain (or snow) loading each vehicle onto the carrier and we’re trying to finish a 10-14 hour day back at the hotel (or sleep in a rest area) we don’t appreciate people who cut in front of our open space and then hit their breaks, just because they don’t want to be behind us! We need that space for safety reasons and when this happens, it’s potentially ****ing dangerous! It’s dangerous to you, us, and the other people around us! So, please do everyone a favor and miss your exit, or whatever, because it’s not the worth the risk of us potentially driving right through you!

Having expressed this rant of frustration about life out on the roads (1 reason why I prefer riding in the woods) yesterday was a good day. We totally stopped to smell the roses on our required 30 minute break. OK, it was a bit longer than 30 minutes, but enjoying the journey of life is key to any profession (or happiness in life, period) and we don’t do this every time. One very good reason we don’t often get to do something like this is because it’s not easy to find parking for these rigs, but after driving by the The Brick Store in Bath, New Hampshire for years, yesterday we decided to stop and check it out and so glad we did! Being the oldest continually operating general store in America, you can just feel this place oozing history, from the old bricks, to the quickly fading painted advertisements on the sides and back of this building.

If you’re in the area, please do stop and check out this awesome piece of history.

Take a moment to step back into time…

They have so many cool things to see and purchase, a sandwich deli serving Boar’s Head meat, cheese, homemade donuts and fudge you can sample. It’s a great place to stop for a picnic lunch outback by the covered bridge and waterfall!

Every new day offers an opportunity to explore and enjoy your journey with a new adventure. If you need some ideas, please check out our website, livefreeorride.com.Our signature offering is guided UTV Tours through the mountains of Berlin New Hampshire, in addition you’ll find information about locally recommended hikes and paddles, and also vacations to Las Vegas, Mexico and so much more. We offer options for almost everyone! If you enjoyed reading this, be sure to check out the other blog posts there and enter to win our completely transferable UTV Tour. Above everything else, no matter where you are or what you’re doing, remember to stop and smell the rose’s as many times as you can! That’s what makes life worth living and that’s what I’m here to remind you about, until we meet here again…

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