Ahhhhh, spring in New Hampshire! Too bad for some that the North Country of New Hampshire has a completely different idea about how we begin the spring season up here! So for many springtime OHRV (Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle) riding enthusiasts the question begs to be asked, “What do you do while waiting for opening weekend beginning on May 25, 2019?”


Let’s face it, your favorite season is never long enough and this is especially true for many OHRV  enthusiasts as we are often beyond eager for opening weekend so we can hit the trails once again! Do you even know about the UTV (a type of OHRV) Tour giveaway contest ?  Well you can’t win if you don’t enter, and it is fully transferable to friends/family if you already have your own ride. If you’re not super nearby this area to take a day trip tour, this area is a great destination for a week or weekend vacation. There is so much fun to be had up here when you look more into our Local Attractions.

But getting back to the original question, many people wonder what we do during the long harsh winters up here. Well, if you’re anything like me, you enjoy them! For starters, we have a very long and awesome ski season up here with quick access to some of the best mountains in the northeast…


Bretton Woods

all boasting spectacular views (ESPECIALLYWildcat!) and all within a pretty short drive from my home! Early spring in New Hampshire doesn’t suck up here, for sure! And as I write this on the first evening of spring, we are about to get hit with another up to 12 wonderful inches of snow! So, yeah, I can’t wait for my Monday morning ski adventure! And with snowshoeing on my list of activities, I’ve enjoyed Mount Jasper and Lost Pond Trail most recently, but there are other amazing snowshoeing places nearby also.


And at the ripe old age of, never mind, I learned to cross country ski for the first time this year on theNansen Ski Club trails inMilan Hill State park! I currently still prefer downhill better, I think because I’m better at it, but I’m going to a swap meet this coming October to pick up some used equipment to get more practice in next year. It’s way more affordable than downhill, great exercise and something different. It’s also cool because you can go out on their groomed trails at night by using head lamps. Of course you can do the same with snowshoes. It’s something really special to be out in the snow covered forest during a starry night!


Others around here are snowmobile enthusiasts! The trails up here are most certainly abundant! Personally I have not been on a snowmobile since I was about 5, but I do remember LOVING it! There are plenty of places nearby to rent them, but for me, skiing is what largely consumes my time spent out in the snow.


Aside from this, I read (always try to keep learning) I contemplate life (sometimes this part isn’t enjoyable) and I write. Oh and I research travel adventures, plan them, and then I fully experience them! This part is a total blast! Our most recent adventure you can read more about was to Las Vegas ! What an amazing trip that was to check off the bucket list!


Next, we are planning a trip to Florida and a trip to Mexico ! I’ll keep you posted on those!


And as we get closer to the end of this ski season, I am LOVING the longer days and looking forward to the  warmer weather of late spring in New Hampshire. I enjoy the gardening, riding and water sports season just as much as I enjoy playing in the snow. There is a special beauty for me in all New England seasons! I always look to find the beauty wherever I may go, because that’s where life’s magic is often trying to hide! So let us all keep our eyes open for it, until we meet here again! 

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